BOK Ranch is excited about sharing the PATH Intl. vision with men and woman interested in becoming Therapeutic Riding Instructors. Our mentorship program is designed to help facilitate your journey through the certification process.

Below we have laid out the BOK Ranch mentorship program and the PATH Intl. certification process step by step. You can learn more about PATH Intl. mentorship at


Step 1

Things to Consider


Instructor in Training Application Form

Fee Agreement

Application Fee

Pay the $99 application fee securely online via PayPal by clicking the "Pay Now" button below:

Riding Video

Please send to

BOK Ranch - Release Docs

Release Agreement

Authorization for Emergency Medical Treatment

Speed Limit/Parking/Parking Pass Agreement

Parking Pass


Step 2

Personal Interview, at which time the Candidate brings their resume including both equine and human experiences.


Step 3

Step 3 is only started once you receive your BOK Ranch acceptance letter via email.

Training Agreement

Training Time Line

PATH Intl. Self-Assessment

PATH Intl. CAT course and Exam

Instructor Self-Study Course and Exam

Equine Management Skills Checklist


Step 4

Set up your personal schedule including your:

Volunteer Orientation
Volunteer Schedule
Shadowing Hours
Student Teaching Hours
Riding Lessons (if applicable)


Step 5

Sign up for an OSWC